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Who we are and what we do                             Manpower Services

Manpower Inc provides complete staffing solutions to the construction industry. From Masons to Carpenters to Skilled Laborers, specialist construction resources and finance support, Manpower can support your project from beginning to end. Seamlessly with an ability to fully scale as your project grows, Manpower has access to a skilled, fully vetted pool of tradesmen with the resources you need.

Holding the employment contract with each employee, Manpower contracts resources to employers of all sizes for minimum term of 2 weeks to as long as 52 weeks. As the Employer, Manpower maintains responsibility for wages and benefits and all taxes inherent in the employment contract.

Given our reputation for excellence, we attract the highest calibre labour pool. Each employee is subject to the most robust due diligence process where each employee has undergone:

- A full employment history assessment

- Full verification of references

- police criminal checks

- drug testing

The end result is that there is no uncertainty when contracting a Manpower employee.  Period.  

Our commitment to Bermuda and Bermudians

Founded and managed by Bermudians with more than 50 years experience in the trades, Manpower Inc has the know how and more importantly, the know who. Without any reservation, Manpower is fully committed to the provision of opportunities to Bermudians demonstrating the professionalism and commitment that our clients demand.

Drug policy

With respect to drug policy, Manpower adheres strictly to a "no drugs" mandate where applicants are tested at the take on stage and are subject to random drug testing in accordance with standard safety guidelines. Testing of employees continues on a random basis through the tenure of all employees at all levels of the organisation.

Our Obligation to each employee

- Each tradesman is a full time employee of Manpower Limited

- Enjoys a competitive & compensation package

- Enjoys varied work

- is covered by full health policy, including major medical, dental and vision

- is covered by workman's comp

- work!

Employee Obligations

- Honesty and integrity,

- a commitment to a full work week, which may include weekends and         public holidays on a rotating basis, reflecting  a 50 hour work week, 

- to maintain physical fitness  with a matching work ethic

- a commitment to excellence

- to work collaboratively with all members of the crew

- a loud "can do" attitude

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