Its all about the work!

54 Reid Street, Suite 201

Hamilton HM 12

441 295 5537

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Manpower Limited

Manpower Limited provides complete staffing solutions to the construction industry.   From Masons to Carpenters to Skilled Laborers, specialist construction resources and finance support, Manpower can support your project from beginning to end.    Seamlessly with an ability to fully scale as your project grows, Manpower has access to a skilled, fully vetted pool of tradesmen with the resources you need.

We invite you to learn more about what we do, meet our resources and learn of our capabilities.  If you have specific staffing needs or require recruitment support, email us at [email protected]    Or call us at 441 295 5533.

Its all about the work.

Manpower Limited 

295 5537 

Contract Labour

Manpower Limited contracts labour.   We employ a dedicated team, provide all benefits and contract out to clients needing labour for a specific project.  At attractive terms.   Removing the hassle out of staffing a job site. 

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Immigration Help

For direct  relationships, where the employer requires specialised labour sourced from overseas, access our full range of immigration consultancy services.   

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Now Hiring! 

If you are a skilled tradesman looking for work in Bermuda, we would love to hear from you!  

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